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Young Drastic


Based out of South Carolina, Young Drastic, an introspective recording artist has been crafting his style of lyrical depth and smooth melodics to put the listener into his own shoes. He is apart of the collectives Civil Tribe & DEADBOYZ


MC/Songwriter/Producer/Audio Engineer: Dante' White





News &  Social Updates

CLICK THE picture above to check out the new single from the album "popular unpopular"



Here's the Deal, the original release was supposed to be my 21st birthday but I had gotten extremely sick (from constant working without sleep. No surprise.) & some shit was going down hill so I wanted to deal with both of those. That's why I pushed it all the way back to 11/25 so I could get all personal shit out of the way of the music. It took longer than expected but I've finally been able to fully dive into the project as far as the mixing  and mastering is concerned the last week or so.(Finished recording pretty much right before I got sick.) But I'm a perfectionist and I don't want anything to get in the way of this projects potential like I did NEO & Hollow EP. So....Im pushing shit back a week, maybe 2. Just give me that little bit of extra time. Im dropping single versions of 2 songs this week off the album & a throw-away or 2. I'm constantly working on the mixes and such so forgive me if they're not to your standard If you've actually been waiting for the album, just hold on. Nothing but Apologies but just keep holding me down. Also Sensei Theme Vid on the way..very very soon. It is important that I don't let myself down with all the work I put in on this project this year. But its just as important to not let you guys down so I'm trying my best not to. - YD


Picture shot by Taylor Trimnal

Picture shot by Taylor Trimnal



Tomorrow. 8 PM

Tomorrow. 8 PM

Personal Update/Album Release Date Reveal

With life getting in the way of my happiness,

I may or may not have lost the energy, confidence or whatever to make music.

I'm just at a low point right now and just need to deal with it somehow. Im not quitting. I really have no idea what I am doing. And that's with everything.

With that said, I want to get these couple projects out to you guys as a last desperate effort for my music to reach many ears.

And because I want that. I've decided on the release dates for the Projects. And they are as follows:

DEADBOYS - Mixtape: 11/5/16

Popular Unpopular - Solo Album: 11/25

I hope you guys understand. I'd understand if you didn't. Thank for those who do though. You guys will have new music starting to appear sooner than you think.

Hope you guys support the art when it hits the net. In personal times like these, any fan and any listen counts. Support always matters

- YD

Album is done....

Release Date this upcoming week

If you cop some merch, you get a link and code to get a free download for the album

 - The Scruffy-Haired Kid



Popular Unpopular: Almost Done

DEADBOYZ Mixtape: Almost Done

Civil Tribe Mixtape: Will try to get that together


Hollow EP

by Young Drastic

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